Shadows over Innistrad

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A whole weekend to celebrate the return to the dark and mysterious realm of Innistrad. The world is enveloped in madness and Jace is there to investigate. Vampires, zombies, werewolves and spirits roam free once again and the humans are likely to be too few to feed them, let alone stop them.

Our goal is to make the prerelease feel like an event and not a tournament and in case you feel too competitive you should probably see an exorcist. Be part of the story by participating in the following events:

00:01 on 02.04 – Midnight prerelease with thematic cocktails and a little bit of mystery solving. This is a single player (Sealed) event because nothing is scarier than being amidst creatures of the night on your own at midnight.
12:00 on 02.04 – Team (Two Headed Giant) Prerelease – join forces with another human being and face your oponents
16:00 on 02.04 – Single player event shortly before the sun sets

12:00 on 03.04 – Team (Two Headed Giant) Prerelease – share the fun and the glory
16:00 on 03.04 – Last event for the prerelease weekend, after it you will have to transform to your usual self for five more days before being able to play with Shadows over innistard cards again.

We already mentioned the coctails but there will also be a BBQ on at least one of the days, between the 2HG and Single player events. There are also going to be thing that we have named „Ghost players“ and „Haunted teams“ but you will have to check again to see what these are about.

The participation fee for any event is 50 BGN per player. You will get:
– A cool prerelease pack with 6 boosters and additional free stuff that is exclusive to prereleases
– Free entry to the House of the Three Troll (trolls are not part of the Innistrad universe but these three are cool enough that we allowed them)
– Help with deckbuilding and a handy judge(s) that will answer all your questions. Those are typically free but our marketing experts insisted on including them to make you feel like the EV of the event is even higher

As usual, each participant will get a booster for participation in the event and additional booster will be given based on result.